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Robopax Baby Rocker Automatic Pram Buggie Push Chair

Robopax Baby Rocker Automatic Pram Buggie Push Chair Picture

Product Description

Sleepless nights and stressful days are at an end for parents of young babies thanks to the amazing Robopax - an automatic baby rocker designed to recreate the comforting conditions experienced in the womb. The Robopax has a gentle sliding movement in time to a mum's heart beat, a soothing tremor and a calming shooshing sound to comfort crying babies. The unique feature is that the baby can be rocked in the Robopax without having to be removed from his/her pushchair or car seat. Created to put an end to the monotonous time parents spend pushing prams back and forth, pacing the floor and midnight car journeys, the Robopax is endorsed by leading child physiologist Pat Spurgin. A baby is soothed by activities that make it feel like its back in the womb which is why Robopax is very effective in settling babies from birth onwards. The Robopax rocking platform takes almost all makes of prams & buggies, moses baskets and car seats Many parents believe sleepless nights, being constantly exhausted or having no time to sit down is part and parcel of being a new parent. Robopax is like an extra pair of hands that will rock your baby leaving him/her happy and contented so busy parents can get on with other things or get some undisturbed sleep. The best thing is Robopax never tires! Designed to be used from birth to pre-school, the wipe-clean cradle is simple to use (just plug in and go) and can be neatly stored upright. Robopax is inexpensive to run (much less than a light bulb) and can be left switched on continuously for up to 12 hours. Fully tested to meet all safety standards, Robopax is light and portable so can accompany parents and their baby when visiting friends, family or even going out for lunch PRAM IS NOT INCLUDED Uses and Comes with a UK standard 3 pin plug. Please note that if you are buying this product from outside of the United Kingdom you will require a plug adapter which is not included with the sale of this item. ....read more

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