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Mini Table Top Game Set 6 in 1

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This 6 in 1 game set provides soccer, billiards, ice hockey, bowling, golf and basketball. The delivery includes all supplies is easy to stow and transport. The set's base is a solid blue plastic pitch with a length of 43 cm, a width of 24.5 cm and a height of 2.5 cm, which has a small edge to prevent the play equipment from falling off the device and is equipped with four legs. The table is covered with a green carpet as an ideal base for all the games. The game set includes ice hockey, football, billiards, bowling, golf and basketball.

The ice hockey game provides a cardboard pitch, two plastic ice hockey sticks, one plastic puck and two goals, which can also be used for the soccer game. The soccer game includes a separate pitch, a plastic football and two plastic ricks for shooting. The bowling equipment embraces a bowling alley pitch, ten plastic pins, one plastic bowling ball and a device to move the ball. Furthermore, the golf set provides a hole, a golf club, a golf ball and a hollow to prevent the ball from rolling away. The basketball set completes the overall game set. The basketball hoop needs to be attached to a holder and stands on the basketball pitch. It is the aim to toss the plastic ball into the loop via a plastic catapult.

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